Caucus for Gino!

As the grassroots candidate in the race to take on Michael Bennet, Gino needs the support of grassroots activists like YOU from all across Colorado. That starts with attending your local precinct caucus in March. 

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What is caucus?

Who can participate in your local Republican precinct caucus?

Why does caucus matter?

Caucus is the single most important form of grassroots engagement because it allows YOU to make YOUR voice heard in electing the right candidates to represent our conservative values. Attend your local precinct caucus to support Gino and help us defeat Michael Bennet and save the American Dream for our children and grandchildren.

Caucus is the first step in electing our leaders at the grassroots level.

Between March 1st and March 5th (depending on your county), registered Republicans throughout Colorado will come together within their respective precincts to elect Delegates and Alternates to your County Assembly and then to the State Assembly in April.

In order to participate in your local precinct caucus, you must be registered as a Republican and a resident of your precinct at least 22 days prior to the precinct caucus. 

If you’re not sure of your party registration, visit and click “Find My Registration.”


When and where is my precinct caucus?

Caucuses are held between March 1st and March 5th in different locations in each county. Sign up today and we’ll send you information on your local precinct caucus.

At your local precinct caucus, you will be a part of electing Precinct Committee Persons (PCPs) and Delegates and Alternate Delegates to the County Assembly. 

What happens at caucus?

What about the County Assembly?

At the County Assembly, which is held later in March, the delegates elected at their precinct caucuses will vote to select delegates to the state assembly. 

By running for delegate to the state assembly, you can be a part of the fun and cast your vote for Gino!!

What about the State Assembly?

At the state assembly, which will be held on April 9th, delegates elected at their respective county assemblies will cast their vote for statewide offices, including Gino for U.S. Senate.  

How can you get involved?

This is your opportunity to be a part of Gino’s grassroots movement to fight for the American Dream and it starts at the local level by attending your precinct caucus in March. 

Sign up today and we’ll send you information regarding your local precinct caucus and how you can support Gino and his campaign to fight for the American Dream.

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